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Dash Cam New Dual Lens Car DVR Camera Full HD 1080P 4 IPS Front

Dash Cam New Dual Lens Car DVR Camera Full HD 1080P 4 IPS Front

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Features and specifications:

Full HD 1080P footage delivers stunning image quality day and night. Advanced sensors capture richer and clearer detail displayed in 4" screen. 170 degrees wide angle view for front camera and 100 degrees for rear view camera. Make your driver easier and safer.

1. Do not charge while starting vehicle as the instant jolt can damage the DVR.
2. Be sure to format new SD cards in DVR MENU settings NOT on a computer.
3. Be sure to use high speed Class 10 memory card, as other will indicate a full status if incompatible.


Ultra HD resolution & wide angle lens

Dual lens camera

Records the roads ahead and behind of you.


When it detects collision, the device will lock the footage and will not record over it.

Loop recording

When memory card fills up, it can automatically record over previous video.

Reverse image system

Reverse image system adopts far infrared ray to display rear obstacles and for a clear view in the dark conditions.

4-inch screen

It provides instant video playback.

Easy to set up and operate

Simply mount it to windshield, the camera will automatically record while driving.The rear view camera is waterproof. It can be installed directly behind the car.

Package contents

1 4.0-inch camera
1 Rear camera (optional)

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